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Oral Cancer Awareness

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Oral cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in India and according to B.B.C and TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL it accounts for around 300,000 new cases every year (that is 40%) of all cancer. But this cancer is completely preventable. And this can be done only with awareness on its cause, how does it looks, its treatment and its resultant problems. For this awareness we have taken photos of the patients suffering from oral cancer, which we have displayed on the web site, but we want to take videos and interviews of the patients suffering from  Oral  Cancer and the doctors who are authorities on oral cancer and highlight the problems of Tobacco Consumption. We have got the required permission from TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL,Mumbai  but we are lacking in finances to take professional quality videos for movies and convert that into a Video cd  on Oral Cancer and distribute it throughout India and if possible throughout the world. This thing requires  strong financial power which we are lacking.

Hence to fullfill our objective we request contributions in the form of donations and more contents to this website.


You can reach us at our mailing address:

602/A, Sealand tower, jesal park
mumbai 401105.

Or you can give us a call at
 0091 22 28162440 (Residence)
 0091 22 28149233 (Clinic)
 0091 9224320230  (Mobile)

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To fullfill our objective we request contributions in the form of donations