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Oral Cancer Awareness

Details About Oral Cancer
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Treatment available

Treatment is surgery, and in advanced cases surgery followed by radiation therapy is performed. But even that is not always successful as 70% of the cases after treatment leads to relapse and the result is death. The treatment is successful only if the lesion is diagnosed early, but sadly many times, it is ignored and the patient reports when the lesion has spread so much that the treatment is impossible or even if done the long term prognosis is poor. The cost of the treatment is 3.5 lakh and in spite of this cost there is no guarantee that there is sure cure. The surgery is known as commando operation . Commando operation is resection of half of the mandible with floor of the mouth and block dissection of the neck to remove the entire lymphatic drainage of the neck together with sterno-cleido mastoid muscle and internal jugular vein is done. Sadly many of the patients present themselves in late stages and even after the commando operation and radiation therapy the chances of recurrence is high.